Photos of our trip to Ireland, April 15-22, 2005.

We lucked out, just one rainy day. Ireland is a very beautiful country and we enjoyed our trip very much. Four of us went on the trip. Me, Carrie and her daughter Katrina, and Eleisha (Beth's daughter).

Ready to Leave the USA
Arrived in Ireland, Bunratty Park Carrie said all she saw was grass and cows when the plane descended, she didn't see any place to land at Shannon Airport.
Castle at Bunratty, View from top of Castle
Monkey Tree

Village created from real buildings moved to Bunratty Park

Cottage #2

Cottage #3
Inside of a Cottage
Cottage #4

Medieval Banquet

Medieval Banquet, entertainment
View of Castle We were given Mead and after a great meal, entertainment.

Ring of Kerry Trip

Dunloe Gap#1,
Dunloe Gap#2
Carrie, Eleisha, Katrina at Dunloe Gap
View of Western Ireland, photo taken during trip around the Ring of Kerry
View of Western Ireland, note the yellow flowering bush. It has terrible thorns and is considered a weed.
Another View of Western Ireland
Looking to the Atlantic Ocean
Village in Ring of Kerry
Western Ireland, looking to the Atlantic Ocean

Blarney Castle

Bridge at Blarney Castle
Blarney Stone, Closeup
Blarney Stone, long view
Carrie just kissed the Blarney Stone. You have to slide out on your back and then bend backward to kiss the stone.
Inside of Blarney Castle, we decided castles only looked romantic and were not fit for living.
Beautiful view of Blarney Castle, View #2
Katrina, Eleisha, Carrie at Blarney Castle

View of a typical village #1, View of a typical village #2

Fairy Ring, where the little people used to hide. Photo taken from inside the bus.

Dublin Park

Canal in Dublin

Waterford Crystal Factory Tour

Closeup of Waterford Crystal golf trophy
Blowing Glass
Shaping the hot glass
Cutting Crystal at Waterford Factory, Waterford Ireland

Jameson Brewery tour, Dublin. Carrie in the Whiskey tasting test

Carrie and Katrina at Abbey Tavern, outside of Dublin. We had supper here and then entertainment - Irish dancers and music.

Tour Bus

Rustic Farmhouse where we stopped for scones and tea

Largest Fairy Ring in Ireland, place where the little people used to hide.

Home of the Butlers, Gardens at the Castle, Inside walls of Castle

Would you like some of the photos as wallpaper for your computer? These are full quality photos, five megapixel. Let them download and then you can right click on the photo. Select "Set as Background", or you can save the photo to your computer and select it at at later time.

Wallpaper #1 Village in Western Ireland
Wallpaper #2 Dunloe Gap
Wallpaper #3 Dunloe Gap
Wallpaper #4 Carrie, Eleisha, Katrina at Dunloe Gap
Wallpaper #5 Irish Thatch roofed cottage, Bunratty Park
Wallpaper #6 Irish Thatch roofed cottage, Bunratty Park
Wallpaper #7 Katrina, Eleisha, Carrie at Blarney Castle
Wallpaper #8 Blarney Castle gardens
Wallpaper #9 Narrow road
Wallpaper #10 Sun shimmering on the water, western Ireland
Wallpaper #11 Shrouded with clouds
Wallpaper #12 Atlantic Ocean just ahead
Wallpaper #13 Little foot bridge at Blarney Castle
Wallpaper #14 Scenic shot of Western Ireland
Wallpaper #15 Street scene in Ireland
Wallpaper #16 Bunratty Castle grounds

This and that.

The streets do not run straight in Dublin and wander off at different angles. Carrie and I decided to talk a walk in Dublin and started out. She told me about a couple from our group who took a walk and couldn't find the hotel again. Dumb people we decided, both of us have a good sense of direction. We walked for a bit and she decided to turn a few corners. I asked her if this was a wise move, and she just laughed. Suddenly she decided nothing looked familiar so she thought we better retrace our steps. But we could not agree on the streets we took before; I remembered Pembroke Street and she was sure it was Wellington Street. I called a taxi. We were laughing hard when we got in, they must have moved the hotel. We were quite a distance from the Burlington. The cab driver no doubt thought we were two crazy Americans. He said we would have a long walk to get back to the hotel. Best five Euros I spent over there.

Water comes in two varieties, sparkling and still water. Coffee has different situations too. Carrie asked for coffee but the cream did not appear on the table so she asked the waiter for some cream. He scolded her a bit and said she should have asked for it when she ordered. Back came her coffee with WHIPPED cream on it. She said "He got me!" Apparently she needed to ask for light coffee. Sugar for the coffee comes in a variety of types too, brown and white sugar.

Then there is the time I changed water into wine. When we entered the castle for the medieval feast, we were handed cups of mead, which is a medieval drink made with fermented honey, fruit juice and yeast. Very tasty, I had read about it before and was interested in trying it out. It made a very warm path down to my tummy. Then we went into the medieval banquet where and I was drinking my usual water. The pitcher of water was getting low so the serving girl refilled it. As soon as she returned, I refilled my mug with water and then since my soup was too hot to eat without burning my tongue, I poured a little cool water in there too. My soup had an interesting taste, very different. I took some water and knew it was not water; it was white wine. The serving girl insisted it was water, but I knew it was not. We had a good laugh on that one too.

Carrie participated in some whiskey tasting at Jameson Brewery. The guide explained why some whiskey, scotch, bourbons taste different and how the brewing process makes the taste different. At Jameson they only use barrels previously used to make liquor. She had about eight shots of the whiskey to test, and said she could really taste the difference. The one which impressed her was the one that tasted of peat. Paddy's, but it is not sold in this country.

I had an accident with a bicycle in Dublin, I was run over. What a time for it to happen, the day we left. I have two very swollen, skinned and black knees. It was a hard trip back and I had trouble standing up much less walking and hauling my suitcases, but I made it. Ireland is five hours ahead of the time here, so when we landed at JFK Airport, it felt like the middle of the night. We arrived back in St. Johnsville about 2:30 AM, our time. The last part of the trip we alternated drivers. By the time we reached home, I was ready to start the day. It takes a few days to get the time right again.

We made memories of being together and did something very special. A wonderful trip. Ireland has breathtaking scenery. Joyce