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Beth and Emory's 24th Anniversary
I met a sled, Beth
Laura Kate
Trip plans, England November 2004
Photos of the England Trip, November 2004
Who Wants to Go to Ireland? April 2005
Photos of Ireland Trip
Trip to Virginia, June 2005
Pieter Turns 40
Michigan, Pieter, Me, Mom, Uncle Lyle August 2005. Taken by Aunt Effie
Pieter and Family in Michigan 2005 Taken by Aunt Effie
Thanksgiving 2005 #1, #2 Everyone was busy eating! We had a nice group, twelve.
Christmas 2005
Erin Winter Ball 2006
Eleisha Winter Ball 2006
Kayla, toothless, Laura Kate in big girl's bed, all four of the girls, Kayla 3/9/06
Trip to Mexico 2005; Trip to Mexico 2006
Katrina and Dave at the Prom 2006
Eleisha, Prom 2006, Eleisha & date, Eleisha and Beth, Formal picture at prom
Decker's House, front; Back of house
Eleisha's Graduation #1, #2, #3
Flood, June 28, 2006 Bailing out, Church St., John St., Lighthouse at Marina, Marina, Main St., Old Mill, Railroad tracks, West St., William St., Campers at the Marina, Church & Smith Streets, House on N. Division, Garage on N. Division, Smith Street, Temporary Power, by Thumb Road Bridge, Thumb Road
July 30, 2006 Fabulous Five #1, Fabulous Five #2, Frank and Rachel #1, Frank and Rachel #2, All of us, almost
Beth and Pieter go to New Mexico. Lucky slept in the truck, prehistoric 100 feet high Indian mounds near the Mississippi, Pieter and Lucky by the Indian Mounds, St. Louis Arch, the plains and the big sky, Garden of the Gods, Garden of the Gods, Heading for Pike's Peak, Reservoir on way to Pikes Peak, getting closer and cooler, Pieter standing at the top, coming down, looking at the switchbacks, Where the Buffalo roam, White Sands NM, White Sands, Home Sweet Home.
Beth and Erin at Big Nose , Erin, Beth on Copper, The Noses, View from the Noses.
Jessica ready for the Homecoming Dance, Jessica with Pieter, Jess and Vanna, Jess and Gio, Jess, another shot, Closeup of Jess
4 Generations, 3 Generations, 4 Generations with Beth and family
Christmas 2006 at Beth's house, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 - - - Beth's donations. Beauties, Katrina, Rachel, New Sweater
View of the Organ Mountains at Sunset, Photo of the Organ Mountains by Pieter (He said the first photo is a little off center and is too far south.)
Grand Canyon, Pieter and Beth's families, on the way, Mountain Dwellings, More Mountain Dwellings (Display), Jessica and Kristina, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, The Deckers, The Lucks, Grand Canyon, Little Air, Anyone?, Wupatki Ruins NP, Zion NP, Navajo NP, Canyon DeChelly, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert
Slide show by Pieter of the Grand Canyon trip (20 MB), Canyon de Chelly (MOV format, 23 MB), Grand Canyon (MOV format 38 MB), Zion NP (MOV format 80 MB)
Erin at the Winter Ball, March 31, 2007
Pieter, Jessica, Kristina go on a Mission trip to Mexico (PPT format 60 MB)
Snow in Las Cruces, NM. (PPT format 9 MB)
Four Beauties, spring 2007
I met a sidewalk, March 2007
June 24, 2007. Katrina's graduation. The graduating class, Katrina is on the right side, in front. Katrina introducing Nichole Rider. Mariah, waiting to bring flowers to Katrina, Carrie and Katrina, Katrina & Mariah, flowers.
2007 Jessica earns an Onate Academic Letter for her 4.0 average! Pieter with Kayla, Laura Kate and Kristina in pool Jessica has her driver's permit! Laura Kate, Ballerina Laura Kate, the tutu goes on the tush! Laura Kate, June 11, 2007, four years old! June 17, Kayla's 8th birthday! June 8, 2007, Kristina is 14 years old! Kayla on the balance beam. Piano students, Kristina and Kayla
July 2007--Picnic at Frank's. Family photo, Road Race with Matthew in the road. Pieter and Erin are in the front. (Someone put a finger print on the camera lens.)
Flower gardens, early July #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.
Frank in time of trouble. OOPS! #1, #2, #3, #4 Photos donated by Rachael Bliss.
Erin at track meet, September 22, 2007.
Mariah in the Dolgeville cheerleader's squad. Posted 10/10/07.
Beth and Eleisha have dinner with Bonnie and John Gorenflo and Aunt Effie Johnson
Rachel took a photo of an eagle on her morning walk 1/26/2008.
Greetings to Jessica on her 16th birthday. Great Grandma, The Lucks, The Caringis, Unc, The Group, Trina explaining the problem, Pieter & Jessica at her formal ball.
Muskegon Channel, Winter 2008 Between the two lighthouses the white one is on the North Shore, the left or red one is at Pere Marquette. The channel leads to Muskegon Lake.
Erin at a track meet, 2008
Garden June 2008, August, 4, 2008, Second Photo
Frank and Pieter in front of Frank's new house. Aug 17, 2008
Ice, March 8, 2009, image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5.
Matthew's 40th Birthday party. July 18, 2009. Katrina & Carrie, Beth & Emory, Ronnie, Katrina and Jessica, Matthew, Pieter and Debbie, Rachael and Frank, Stephen and Eleisha.
Pieter, Mission Trip to Galveston. October 2009.
Jessica, 18 years old! February 5, 2010.
Mariah, Senior photo. 2010.

The Wedding, Frank and Rachael, February 20, 2010. The walk to the wedding, Rachael arrives, rest of the wedding party, the groomsmen, on the ice, bride's attendants (2nd from left, Carrie, 3rd Beth, 4th Mariah--Frank's daughter), wedding cake, Carrie, Beth, Mariah, On the ice, getting married, arriving at the reception, the dance, Mariah and Uncle Pieter, Mariah and her dad, Pieter and Debbie with Jessica, Kristina, Laura-Kate and Kayla., Katrina, Mariah, Jessica, Erin and Brandon (Beth's youngest daughter), the cake, the bouquet, the first dance.
(Photos from Debbie) The entire wedding party. (Full size photo, printable). Congratulations! Note Rachael's dog standing on the train of her dress. At last! The New FAMILY. Frank and daughter Mariah. May Frank and Rachael always be as happy as they were on their wedding day.
Erin, Prom, May 2010.
Erie Canal Boat May 30, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
June 12, 2010. Jessica Graduation #1, #2, #3, #4
Gardens, June 26, 2010.
Mariah Graduation, June 26, 2010. Award presentation, Award, The Graduate. Regents Diploma, with honors, with distinction! Brenden Kovits, The Graduating Class.
Mackinac Island, Aug 1, 2010, Michlimackinac, Aug 2, 2010. Camera was stolen.
Erin's graduation photos. #1, #2, #3
Eleisha's Wedding. The wedding party, Eleisha and Erin, The Lucks and the Reids, Eleisha and attendants, Stephen & attendants, Eleisha and Stephen, Mike & Joyce (taken by Ryan who is 6'5" tall), Kristina & Erin, Ryan and Jessica, Stephen's Family, Stephen's Family, Grandparents, The Tall and Short of it.
Family Gahtering July 21, 2012.